Friday, May 2, 2008

Caffeine temptation

I have been caffeine-free since Mar 8. That makes me sober for 55 days now! Hehe… Quite a feat considering I was guzzling down at the height of my addiction, 4 to 5 mugfulls of brewed coffee daily.

I actually thought I was going to have a hard time giving up this long time addiction. But this growing little parasite inside of me really did amazing changes in my life. Right after confirming my pregnancy, my senses seemed to have blocked the memory of how delightful it is to drink an aromatic concoction of hazelnut, caramel and perfectly brewed espresso.

But today is a different story. My co-worker was complaining of how sleepy she is and decided to fetch herself a cup of coffee. The whiff got me instantly when she got back to her seat holding a steaming mug full of coffee. Then I started thinking, can I really do this? I mean, totally turn my back on the only thing that kept me going for almost half my lifetime? Six more months to go without my fuel??? Is it possible? I am starting to doubt if I do have enough will power to fight the urge. Haha.

But I guess I will. I most definitely will and can with motherhood hormones to back me up. I have started associating my indulgences to poison these days. It’s quite effective because it easily takes off the craving. That means dark chocolates, cheesecake slices, jelly beans, ice cream and all the sugary treats I used to get daily doses of are now off my ‘cant-live-without’ list. I just hope this strategy stays long enough so I won’t have to really mind my weight and my diet.

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