Monday, February 23, 2009

Planning for Maia's Christening

I declare today my dislike for events planning.

But then again, even if my stress level goes up. There's no one else who's gotta do the planning but me. So I'm dealing with this whether I like it or not.

Last weekend, we finally decided to change venues for Maia's baptism from St Jerome at ATC to the Shrine of Jesus in MoA. So on Saturday we headed to MoA to look for THE Resto and book the Church. We started with the Resto first because we thought its the harder part between the two. We (actually it's just I) already had several restos in mind so it was not really difficult. The tough part was just the walking because the restaurants are scattered all over the mall and MoA is already huge in my mall vocabulary (as I am not really fond of malls).

So finally at around 4pm we're done with the resto oculars. We've now decided which one we like. We headed to SOJ to book the date. But guess what, ALL SUNDAY'S OF MARCH are fully booked! There's an opening for an 1130 service on Saturday but then we have to get our own priest.

This is where stress starts.

It's really difficult if both parents are not natives of Manila. In Maia's case, one is from Pampanga, the other is from the far, far but pretty land called Antique. You won't know where to start looking and searching for the priest. Since both of us are also not the religious types (well, we try not to miss Sunday Mass as always) but we were never close with any religious figure. So are our families. I searched my brain for the possible rescuer and could only think of a handful. Starting texting people...but then my stress level has already reached its optimum stage. And pessimism is on a winning streak again. I don't think my plan is going to work. Frustrating.

To date, I am still waiting for friends and family to finally tell me that a priest is available. But then again, the time and date that we wanted on that Saturday was already taken as well. Hay. So much for planning ahead. One month was never enough it turns out.

We might end up scheduling Maia's baptism after our April Vacation after all. I guess, we just have to let go of the idea of a March baptism for now.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Celebrating the 4th on February

Maia turned four months on the 18th. And it was 4 weeks since my operation on valentine's day itself. There is so much to thank for in this past few weeks.

One of them are the Maia's little milestones that we get to witness when we're at home. It's sheer happiness for the hubby and me! :)To date, she so graceful at this already. i can't wait for the time when she calls 'Mommy' for the first time. I do hope I'm home to hear that!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Maia learns to roll over

Hello baby...

Mommy is a bit sad today. Kika Mao told her you learned how to roll over...ON YOUR OWN! That's really great news baby. Mommy is overjoyed by this milestone but is saddened at the same time because she was not around to witness this achievement of yours. Can you do it again when Mommy is around?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Official Out of Town Trip

Hello Maia,

Today Mom and Dad took you to Tagaytay. Mommy Ninang, Daddy Ninong, Tito Iko and Kika Mao was with us for this trip. It's your first official out of town trip and we could tell you had fun. Your eyes would light up each time something new to your eyes catches your attention. Mommy love it when you would open your big eyes and giggle. You would wiggle your head and laugh in delight. Your laughter's is music to Mommy's ears.

I do wish we can make this a weekend affair. The fresh air would do you good. And there's just so much to see outside of our house. But I guess, your little body can't take frequent trips like that yet. Maybe when you're a lot older we can make that a regular family affair already. I feel so much excitement just thinking about it.

When we got home you were a little fussy though. I guess it's the congestion on your tiny little nose. That has been going on since you woke up early this morning. Mommy got a bit worried. She decided she's taking you to the doctor tomorrow just to be sure.

All in all though, the weekend was a good one for the three of us.

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