Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mommy Journal - 062108

I had my first toxoid shot today. That was after waiting for 3 hours for the doctor. Well, really – blame it on the weather. Wind was really at its worst as we view the streets from the clinic but we had no choice but to wait since we really wasted 3 hours sitting and counting ships. Best thing that happened though – I felt the baby’s first movements with my hands. Tibs was already napping and I had to really wake him and forcefully place his hand on the lower right side of my abdomen and make him wait for the short twitches. He was not disappointed. A few minutes after, the baby moved again. And finally, he had that smile plastered on his face. Like he finally, finally felt like he had some sort of participation in this whole journey. It was wonderful. Thank God we had that to enjoy while we endure the wait and pray that we get home safe before the typhoon reaches full blast.

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