Saturday, July 18, 2009

The week that was...

I thought my surgery was going to be the last trip we'll make to the hospital this year. It turns out, I thought wrong again.

Tuesday morning, at 130am, we had to rush to the ER because Maia's fever spiked to 40.1. I was frantic in my head but I know, between the hubby and I, I had to stay collected. But I guess as a first time mom, the panic should be normal. I could see my hand shaking while I was packing Maia's stuff but I surprisingly finished in a matter of seconds. In no time, we were heading to the ER.

All throughout the raucous, Maia was not really a sight of a sick baby except of course for the really high fever she's still responsive and would sometimes even grin when we make faces. I guess, she also knows she has to be strong for Mommy and Daddy.

At the ER though, all they did was take blood samples, give Maia a paracetamol suppository and observe the fever go down (of course it will, dammit). I always dread going to the ER because we're always bound to witness a bloody patient or even somebody fighting for dear life inside it. As it is, in about 20 mins after we got there, we were ushered to the waiting room for the ER team's fear that the sight might traumatized Maia. Good thing she was already asleep by then. Too tired from the crying fits she threw while the MedTech was drawing her blood.

After an hour, we had the CBC results back and it confirmed that Maia has bacterial infection. They just could not pin point the source yet. We were prescribed some meds for her to take initially and advised to see her pedia in the morning. Then we were sent home. At 4-freakin-am. No choice of course. I'd rather stay at home than witness another bloody patient being wheeled in anyways.

When we saw Maia's pedia that same morning, we were advised to have Maia admitted for further tests and observation since it's not very good for babies her age to reach a 40-something fever reading. I readily obliged. I'd definitely be more calm when she's in the hands of the doctors rather than at home.

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