Monday, September 21, 2009

Struggles at the Work-front?

I am not one to really put too much thoughts on work. I used to. But since I got married, I stopped making my career a priority. So with this in mind, you can easily conclude that office politics never really bothered me. Not till the last few months.

I would really have preferred to sleep on this. But then it's been an on and off thing, I thought the best thing to do was to vent it out (to nowhere basta just vent). Since I am also not good at verbally communicating my emotions I thought I'd better just write it since like cooking, writing to me is therapy.

Okay there. So I've established where the following rant is coming from. Haha.

As I've said earlier, my career took a back seat already about 2 years ago. Up till now, its still sitting out there in the back. A couple of college friends have been telling me to explore 'greener' options since they are sure I can do better than this. But then again, I think this is the best place for me for now. I'll think about it when Maia turns one (hahaha. which is going to be next month already...helllooooo, Faye?).

I had my PA discussion recently. Before that, I've had a couple of 'accidents' at work. By accident I mean to say I had to write an apology to my bosses copying the company VP's as well. But that is no big issue. It was an easy thing to do. Because really, I was partially to blame.

So anyways, going back to my PA discussion. It actually went well. I was told not to think too much about my previous mishaps and just move on. Just KEEP YOUR FOCUS on the job was the suggestion. My supervisor also suggested she'll just delegate some of my responsibilities to the other team members since indeed I was already overloaded.

I NEVER complained for the past 2 years. NEVER. But I guess, some people at work mistook this as me saying it's okay to dump everything on me while they stay on 'PE-TIKS' mode the whole day. Imagine, no invoices came for 2 weeks and what did she do on those days???? Facebook for the whole day???? C'mon, nakakasawa din yun ah! Hindi ba???

I used to think I was lucky to belong to a team of people who were friends first before embracing the idea of being co-workers. But then again, I guess a good team will only shine when it has a good team leader to guide them. This post is not intended to malign my team leader.

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