Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello...Terrible Two's

A few weeks ago I had this conversation with Tibs regarding the Terrible Two's stage. I realized then that we are just 3 months shy of that difficult stage that we first time parents have been warned of and I told him it's probably best that we welcome it with emotional preparedness. He didn't take me seriously though. He even laughed at me and told me we'll never experience that stage because Maia's is going be called the TERRIFIC Two's.

Today though, the former said HI! to him at 5am. And it came two months early and at that point in the day where we've barely said Hi! to morning yet and you feel like a double espresso shot can't even do the trick.

Maia on her never before heard of Operatic Cry was lying on the floor. Alternating dance movements between arms flailing and rolling on the floor. It wasn't a pretty sight to wake up to. I could even smell Mr Migraine approaching. And what triggered all that was OREO. She wanted to eat OREO at 5 in the morning. And Mommy simply said NO. So off she goes with the Theatrics.

But as we all parents are on-call 24/7 we did what we thought was best. We let her cry her heart out. Tibs was fighting off the urge to laugh while I was desperately trying to move her back to bed so I can properly comfort her. But noooooo. To the little boss lady, I was a villainess disguising as Mommy this morning. She kept shouting NOOOOOOOOOOOO. NOOOOOOOOO! to me in between sobs, mild growls and howls. She pushed me away on the several attempts I did to comfort her. And Tibs on his way to the bathroom told me -- LET'S SEE WHO WINS THIS TIME. What an incredibly supportive cheer, no?

20-mins into the drama, she went out of the bedroom and into the arms of Ate Inday. That was when she stopped howling and growling. I heaved a sigh of relief. And went to brew myself a cup of barako.

Another 10 mins past and she forgot about that OREO incident already. She went to sit beside me on the sofa and demanded I read her a story. And we're back to lovey-doveys again.

Hello Terrible Two's. I will deal better with you next time.



mae punsalan said...

YAAAAAAAAIIIKKSSS!! we are still very far away from it sis but as you would have put it any better, cayla's already on the "theatrics" as well. :X WELL GOOODD LUCK sa tin! hehe.. kahapon nag theatrical sa playyard. she wants to be out. but we had to put her inside for a little "time out", she waaaaaiiillleeddd and at the same time, tried jumping with her feet still on the playyard. i don't know how long pa itatagal ng playyard sa kanya. lols..

Faye Pachoco-Paras said...

hey sis! i woke up to chaos talaga. she was wailing and growling and howling. with matching gagging and gasping for air pa. take note though -- NO TEARS. hay naku. if ginawa nya a year ago i would have panicked but this time around i won't allow myself to be fooled na. kanina when i was about to leave for work. it was a total change of character. she was so sweet and was giving me bottomless flying kisses. pero this time sure na ako anak ko talaga. took after me sa manipulation skills. tsk tsk.

mae punsalan said...

haha.. they do know how to manipulate at this age. one time para silang mga mini monsters, then 360 degrees turn para na silang mga angles ulit! hehehe..

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