Saturday, July 16, 2011

Walking Down the Aisle

Little Girl in Pink Caught in a Pensive Mood
Last June chronicled another milestone for us. It was Maia's first time to walk down the aisle as a flower girl. She just turned 32 months then. Milestones always make me giddy (I said it like a true-blue stage momma, didn't I?). Plus, the thought of this little girl finally wearing a gown with a flower basket in hand is just too cute for words.

As I've always looked forward to this day (stage momma alert once again!), I know I have to come prepared. Months before the actual event I starting orienting Maia with the help of some You Tube videos on what flower girls do in weddings. During rehearsal day, Maia walked about half of the way. We felt confident then that she will walk all the way through since another girl who is older than her will be walking with her. I know very well that this little girl likes to mimic and is quite competitive so as long as the other girl walks ahead of her she should be alright.
flower girls

This event was destination wedding that required us to travel to Iloilo. We've been actively travelling since Maia was 5 months old. Most of the time we are hands on parents when we travel/go on vacation. We do not bring any help with us since we usually end up spending most of our vacation time with our extended families so we could still yell for help if our hands are so full already. This trip was an exception though. My family was not around to help us so we needed to be super parents this time.

What did I learn from this experience?

- That you should always consider the nap time of your kid. The wedding time did not really coincide with Maia's naptime but the preparation time did so she was not able to catch some snooze before the ceremony. We ended up with a sleeping Maia and a Daddy Tibs walking down the aisle carrying his pretty daughter in his arms and the flower basket in his hand instead.

- That only one member of the family should be on the spotlight if a toddler is one of the parties involved in the entourage. In this particular occasion, I was also going as Matron-of-Honor. Even if I wanted to play the stage mommy all the way, I only could do it before the ceremony started and during the wedding reception. And since Maia was more attached to me than her dad, that somehow put us in a more complicated situation.

- If the situation would allow it, make her wear the dress a few minutes before the ceremony starts just to keep her excited. That way, she won't entertain the idea of sleep even if it's already looming. In our case, Maia was already in her dress more than hour before the ceremony started so I guess that also contributed to her succumbing to sleep no matter how excited she was.

- Good thing, we oriented the little girl with her role. The minute she woke up, she was super game to join the picture taking. There were no crying fits for us to deal with so I'd say we still did okay.

At least she made it to the entourage pictorial

- Keep your composure. Even if you're tired, keep that smile going because the little one mimics your mood. We were tired but we remained composed till the reception party was over so the little one was very cooperative the entire time. She was clapping, ringing the kissing bell and clearly enjoyed the party till it was time to pack up. She was tantrum-free!

Well, we might have missed seeing this little lady walk but we sure learned a lot from this experience! And if another opportunity like this comes, we'd surely be more prepared!

Gamely Posing for More Pics after the Reception Party

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