Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey Little Lady, Where Are You Headed?

We were initially walking together here and I was holding your hand.
You told me to let go. So I did. I stepped back and let you walk ahead of me instead.
You've really grown, I can see.
Walk safe and slow little lady. Remember, I'm just right here.
Some days you refuse to walk beside me just like you did yesterday while we were headed out to enjoy a day at the mall together. Malls are a rare treat for you so I was surprised how insistent you were that I take you. So we went to the nearby Festival Mall to hear mass, eat lunch (where you finished a full meal) and enjoy a train ride. Oh how happy you were while riding this train. You were shouting your heart out. Yelling with glee!

I really wanted to get a good photo of you aboard this train
but you were just so excited you keep jumping up and down.
It wasn't your first time on this train but this was definitely the first time you reacted like this.
Ang saya, saya ba talaga?

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accabiao said...

Hi Faye,

Nice post :) You should really write a book. Magaling ka magdescribe ng situation and your words evoke emotion. hahaha. lalim ng comment but keep it up. I admire good writers who can communicate well. Just like lianne's blog. Try mo ulit apply sa adsense :)

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