Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Maia Draws Toodles

We came home to this last night:

It was strategically placed on our sofa. Ate Belen, our yaya, said Maia placed the drawings there herself to make sure they immediately catch our attention when we arrive from work.

Amazing, right? (Or Am I really just an uber-proud Momma?)
My parents (Maia's grandparents) found Maia's drawings interesting and well, amazing (sorry that's the only word that stuck on my head). My dad would say he couldn't remember any of us making drawings of faces at Maia's age (well, none of us grew up to be good illustrators except of course for my sister Tips who paints really well). Maia does hers with facial expressions already. And her drawings often come with a story. Like the ones you see in the center and the rightmost portion of the photo above.

If you've been watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you'd most likely be familiar with the drawing on the leftmost portion of the photo. Yes, that is Maia's version of Toodles. I found the 2 other drawings believable since I've personally seen Maia create a story out of drawings many times but this drawing of Toodles wasn't all too convincing for me. Don't get me wrong. I really am very proud of what my daughter can do. It's just sometimes, I feel like our nanny is playing with us (maybe to impress us more and show us how good she is at encouraging her alaga's creativity). I go cynical like that sometimes. Haha.

I pressed our yaya to admit that she actually did the drawing but she wouldn't give in and claim credit for it. She told me it was really Maia. Not once did she ever interfere when Maia starts drawing she says. So I asked Maia to make me the same drawing. Guess what? She really did draw it herself! That left me really grinning from ear to ear (and I was even lucky to have recorded it on video! Yay!).

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