Sunday, September 22, 2013

QOTD: Why Is There Night and Day?

Original post started in mid-July 

Yesterday, (probably due to sheer exhaustion) I swallowed a tiny pill of optimism and believed that I can forcefully put a hyperactive kid to bed at 6pm. The sun is still up and shining so brightly that even a thick curtain in our bedroom cannot hide.

The kid was trained that long sleeps are for nighttime and from where she was lying it just wasn't night time yet. So she just had to ask:

"do i really have to nap, Mommy? it's already late afternoon."

For which, I had to slyly reply:

"no, this isn't naptime. it's early bedtime little girl. now, close your eyes"

But Mr. Sun is still up. And I can't go to sleep yet. I'm not sleepy.

Here we go again. I thought I'm now a proud graduate of this phase. Apparently, that was all wishful thinking now.

But we can just talk here in bed, Mommy? Why is there day and night anyway? (bakit may araw at gabi? kelan ba nagiging gabi?)
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Ahhh, an opportunity I can seize finally. So I briefly explained to her why there is night and day. I tried my hardest to provide the simplest explanation. And while I am far from calling my attempt on early bedtime a success, I seem to have hit the jackpot on this one.

I made a fist, placed an invisible pole in between my palms and told her that pole is what holds the earth. And everyday, the earth revolves around that pole while the star that is the Sun is in a fixed position. So to simplify, some places are lighted (DAY) and some places are not (NIGHT). She understood my simple explanation but I know complicated questions are going to start pouring soon. (Note to self: start investing time to do more science research.) I hope when that day comes, I'll be armed and ready.

For now, I can only wish it doesn't come real soon. I just do not want to be caught unprepared.

Found a useful link from Ehow by the way listing a few experiments you can do with your preschoolers in relation to this topic. Bookmarking it here as well for future use. :)

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