Thursday, October 3, 2013

Maia Finds: Cute Pens From CDR-King

Doodling is one of the little miss's favorite pasttimes. In fact, she spends more time doodling than playing. She prefers to use pens rather than pencils. I don't know why. Maybe it's because pens are usually darker while pencils are usually on the grayish side and they tend to fade. Maybe it's because pens assures her that the drawings are not going to disappear. I don't really know why. I guess, she just really likes the way her doodles look when she uses pens.

She isn't high maintenance when it comes to art supplies. As long as it writes, she'll take it. I usually just keep a spare for her. I don't stock up a lot because she tends to use all of them at the same time. Those spares doesn't really serve the purpose because she eventually loses them all at the same time too. So yes, it's good that she doesn't have brand preferences. Easy on my pockets.

Recently, CDR-King has been a favorite hang out for the husband. While he waits for me to finish grocery shopping, he would sneak a few minutes to kill inside a CDR-King store. He always gets excited with the things he finds there. Last Friday, we spent a good few hours of our date day at one of the bigger locations in the metro.

Oh, can you just imagine my delight when I saw boxes and boxes of cute pens lined up on one of their shelves? I immediately grabbed a piece of each design. I wanted to collect all of them for the little miss. Then I realized, they will never ever end up as collections because she will eventually use all of them up. So from about 10 pieces, I trimmed them down to 5. I picked what I think suits the kid's personality.
The next day, I showed it to her and she showered me with "Thank Yous" and lots of hugs and kisses. Yes, that's how appreciative she is. And smitten by the sight of pens. I can very well tell you that she immediately tested all of the pens to see which ones can get her to make the best doodles.

If you are looking for lootbag fillers for your kid's upcoming birthday, this could be one of them. They're cheap, cute and very useful.

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