Sunday, November 10, 2013

#ReliefPH: How You Can Help Yolanda Victims

I've always feared for this day. For the day when Mother Nature will lash back at us for taking her for granted.

Yolanda may be a natural disaster that would've seemed out of our control. But every time I see flooding, destruction, death brought about by catastrophic natural disasters I can't help but feel we all might have a hand in this. I can't help but think it is mother nature calling us to be more responsible. 

But this post was not written to point fingers, or to preach about environment care. I wanted to help disseminate relief operations so help can reach those who need it very, very badly faster. If you are a blogger like me, please help spread the news as well.

Here's a comprehensive list compiled by Rappler (please click the link) and an infographic shared on their Facebook page as well:

And some reminders on how to make good use of social media hashtags:

I can barely hold back tears every time I turn on the TV to watch the news. The destruction brought about by this recent super typhoon to hit our country, claimed to be the strongest to make a landfall by far in (recorded) history, is just too massive. And after being beaten down by back to back (just about a month ago by a strong earthquake) calamities,  it make take longer for the government to help rehabilitate those who were greatly affected.

But yes, the Filipinos are extremely resilient. We will get through this.

Bangon Pinoy! Kaya natin to!

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