Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Shower at ON

Today is Mommy’s last day at work. After this, it’s waiting time. A loooong waiting time. Yesterday the OB-Gyn at the clinic in Mommy’s company commented that Mommy’s a candidate for Caesarean birth due to the size of her tummy. It kind of irked Mommy since she was not soliciting for any advices. And besides she was not Mommy’s doctor.

Good thing, Mommy's office friends threw her a surprise (literally) baby shower. That took away the irritation. They had cake, pansit and ice cream. What made Mommy even happier was they allowed Mommy to have ice cream (just two teaspoonfuls, Mommy swears).

It was a great way for them to express their goodluck wishes to Mommy. Fact is, Mommy was very touched she almost cried when she saw gifts and food set up for her. She's really happy to have found friends like Tita Yette, Tita Madz, Tita Ty, Tita Mie, Tita Mhay and Tita Kat.

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