Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Kind of a Wonderful Wedding Anniversary

Good afternoon Maia. Today Mommy and Daddy is celebrating their first wedding anniversary...and guess what? They received the greatest gift any married couple can ever have. They now have you!

Initially Mommy wanted a celebration. After all, the first year is a milestone. But then, thinking of the financial challenges up ahead, she opted not to press the issue anymore with Daddy. She thought they can always celebrate after she delivered you already. She bets, the celebration would be a lot more fun since you are there to share it with them already.

The only thing that Mommy was praying was for you to arrive early so she can enjoy more time with you. Guess what, God is really good. She heard Mommy's prayers and 2 days before their wedding anniversary -- YOU came! Wonderful, isn't it?

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