Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grocery Trip

Today marks the first time Maia went to mass in a mall. We were not very excited for this trip though. However, we were left with no choice but to bring her along since the yaya was not back yet. We had to make this trip because we were also scheduled to pick up our wedding album from Maia's Ninang Lala.

She wore the dress that Ninang Ching sent to her all the way from New York when she was still 5 months old. Now it fit her really well. She just had to grow a bit taller pa. But she looked really pretty, didn't she?

This was very tiring for me as I had to carry her all through out the duration of the mass. She went to sleep a few minutes after the mass started. And it seemed the atmosphere was very conducive for her since she slept up until we were done with our grocery shopping.

When she woke up however, she was giggling. Giggling at every person we meet on our way out of the grocery. She even squirmed a bit when she saw kids riding inside grocery carts. She wanted to join in! Haha. My little Maia is one curious cat.

If not for the AH1N1 scare I would have loved to stay with Maia there a little bit longer. I just love it when she has this amazed look painted on her face. It makes me feel like the experience is teaching her a lot.

Despite the look of enjoyment from this little lady, Mommy and Daddy is still determined to get her away from the mall environment not until she's old enough to understand that the mall is not a playground. Ha ha. Kill joy parents ano?

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Faye De Mesa said...

si Mommy at Daddy lang mag eenjoy sa mall di pa nila ma appreciate :)

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