Monday, June 8, 2009

Separation Anxiety Attacks...Me!

I've been religiously missing the morning pick ups of our company shuttle for the past few months. Read: Months already. To be more precise, past 5 months and 22 days. Haha. That goes back to the time I got back to work after my 2-month long maternity leave.

On the last week of March of this year, we started coming in at 9am. My busmates told me that won't leave me anymore excuses for missing the pick up since I now have 30 extra minutes to prep up. But hell no. I came in a lot more later after we've shifted to the new work schedule. It sucks. Who likes being late for work?? But then, each day that I try to leave home early my daughter's magnetic smile just seem to pull me back in for a few more minutes of cuddling and giggling. I don't know. I always feel that a few extra minutes with her will never compare to a comfortable seat in the shuttle.

l've recently read in Baby Center that this month one of the milestones that we might experience is separation anxiety. The article's right I AM now experiencing chronic Separation Anxiety Attacks...each and every morning that I leave the house. Sigh. Is there a cure available for this illness?????

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Toni said...

I don't think it gets easier! Yikes! I have friends who still experience the same thing, and their kids are toddlers already. I hope it gets easier for you! *hugs*

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