Sunday, June 26, 2011

Small Wonders

I am now a mother to one very inquisitive little girl. Now that she's already conversing in sentences, this little kid just doesn't seem to know when to stop talking and asking questions.

There have been countless times in the past weeks when I was forced to sit down and think of how to provide better answers to a couple of whys and hows. There are days when I am just left dumbfounded and had to remind myself that I am talking to a toddler. I often end up turning to my instincts and try to provide age-appropriate answers while making sure not to twist facts or downplay this little kid's very curious mind.

This morning while I was fixing breakfast, she came up to me (with a worried look) and asked what happened to our wall. I sported a confused look so she went to the wall and pointed to a small crack to show me a part of our wall where the paint is starting to peel off. I think she was worried that our entire wall might come off or something so I told her (in a reassuring tone) it's just paint and to just leave it alone because Daddy will fix it soon. I went back to my kitchen duties while she went back to busy herself in her activity corner. I thought wow, I finally provided an answer that she was satisfied with. But I should have kept that thought from running through my mind since after a minute, she was calling to me again. I turned to see one beaming little girl proudly showing me that she's fixed our paint 'problem'.

Mommy o! Look, di na matatanggal pintura! 

See? We adults just like to complicate things all the time. There's always an easy fix to all our problems. :))

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