Sunday, June 5, 2011

Goodies from the Mail!

Following that post about finally meeting an online friend, guess what? Maia received a few goodies - a sunblock from Allorganics (skinbrella spf 15) and a bottle of Milea Body and Hair Wash in the mail a few days after she met Tita Neva.

I initially thought of blogging about this after we've used up the products but I decided not to hold it off any longer since 1 - something might come up again and I could be hit by the blogging drought again and 2 - I'm really loving these products I just wanted to immediately share my experience with other mommies.

Let me just say that I am a junkie when it comes to all-natural (and preferably organic) toiletries. I have been trying on different products from local suppliers here in the Philippines since I had Maia because I really wanted to avoid parabens, phthalates and other bad chemicals that are usually present in commercial toilet products. Plus, I was really determined to lessen the carbon footprints that our household leaves on mother Earth.

When Neva told me what was inside the package she sent, she mentioned that one of the products was not only intended for Maia. It was a sunblock that we both can share. But since Maia is currently using a different brand of sunblock already, I decided to use the Skinbrella on myself instead. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I like how it made my skin glow instead of making it look like I could fry an egg on it. Sunblocks I had used in the past usually tend to make my face really oily after a few hours. This one did not.

Fact is, I was never big on facial care. I generally had either dry or oily face (never something in between) but I never really minded. These days however my mom would always take notice of my bad skin and would remind me how tricky it would even get if I end up with really damaged skin so I've decided to put more attention to my daily skin rituals. These days, my morning facial care ritual would be putting sunflower oil that I got from Human Heart Nature after washing my face then I put All organic's Skinbrella over it. They seem to go well together. Night rituals also consists of facial care products from Human Heart Nature which I'm really loving to bits (but that it for an entirely separate post since this blog is after all for the little girl hehe).

With regards to the Milea Bath and Body Wash, Maia loves bathing with it. I personally love it's honey-like consistency and its mild scent (almost unscented actually or is it just me who couldn't distinguish an unscented one from the powdery scented ones?). I never used heavily scented products on Maia because I'm afraid she'd develop allergic reactions to it. I also like that it's 2 in 1 so it's very handy especially when travelling. Big plus to me as well is the fact that it rinses off easily. You know how tricky bath time is for toddlers. Probably, the only issue I have with the Milea Body Wash are the tangles on Maia's hair after we dry her off. But I guess, it's the same with any other 2 in 1 baby wash out there. And because Maia's hair is curly, it's no surprise we always have to deal with tangles after every bath. We've only consumed half of the bottle to date. But if you ask me if I'd use it again once we ran out? Yes I would. It still boost more of the good stuff after all and that would be enough reason for me to keep using it.

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Anonymous said...

dapat mameet ko na rin si tita neva para may package din ako. hahaha

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