Monday, September 12, 2011

Daddy's Corner: A Doll House For Maia

It all started with an empty box, a kid who loves to play make-believe with her stuffed toys, a mom who just loves to keep trash and a dad who had a sudden jolt of inspiration. Then voila! The daddy of the house ends up with a doll house for the little miss.

He promised her they'll paint it next weekend. I hope it's still standing by then. What with the little girl fussing over making sure the 'doors' locked and yet keeps getting her dolls in and out of it. Who can blame her though, even with this doll house still looking every bit like a used box, with that triangular thing sticking out like an actual roof the box was instantly transformed into a doll house the minute she figured out what her dad was building.

Father and Daughter Tandem (now he's probably wishing he has a son lolz)
Tibs rarely participates in our arts and crafts sessions. His bonding activity with Maia involves roughhousing most days and well, gardening on some days (and no it doesn't matter that she is in fact a daughter, pare-pareho lang yan! But I like/love that he values gender equality hehe). So this stuff was a totally new adventure for them both.

Yes, she is a girl. But she just loves HANDY MANNY!
(and here she proudly holds 'Beamer')
Hold with both hands, Maia! Steady...steady...
Daddy, with her beaming like this brace yourself for a part two! Now, I have a valid reason not to throw those boxes and empty cans now. (hehehe)

Daddy, you're the best!

Now you have to work on getting some furniture for this house, Daddy! :)

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