Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thank You Just Made My Day

I was rushing to work this morning when I heard a muffled sound of plastic crashing and Maia suddenly shouted, "Sorry Mommy. Di ko sinasadya magkalat toys Mommy. Nalaglag mga pangluto ko! Ligpit mo na lang ha?"

That brought a smile to my face. Maia has become so verbal lately that there are days we'd wonder who put those words into her mouth.

Well I know the statement above doesn't sound all too positive and happy and charming. They do resonate a certain tone of fear, don't they? But don't worry, she wasn't trembling in fear when she said that. And we were never the punishing kind. She knew that scattered toys doesn't bother us. We got used to them already over the years. That was why I wondered where she got that statement - Di ko sinasadya magkalat ng toys Mommy. But well, I am out of the house for almost 12 hours 5 times in a week so I can only guess where she heard that. When these things come up, I just reinforce by telling her "hindi naman bawal magkalat, anak". Toys are made for playing so it's natural to see them out in the open . BUT she knows she has to pack them away when she's done because the toys need to rest too. And this simple rule usually works for us.

But I am digressing yet again. What I really wanted to document today was what followed after she said that statement. As I was dressing up she came up to me and told me again, "ikaw na ligpit ha?" I was running late already so I tried again -- "Ikaw na baby please, papasok na si Mommy eh." But sorry me, she really knows how to use her charm already: "Ikaw na lang Mommy, sige na".

I knew she was only gunning for my last minute attention before I leave her for the day so I gave in. I got down on my knees and started collecting the scattered toys. Guess what she did: she went down too and started helping me out. She said: "Tulungan na kita Mommy. Thank you Mommy ligpit mo pangluto ko. Mamaya ikakalat ulit ito ni Tito JR at ni Georgie". Hahaha that last statement just made me laugh hard (she was referring to my baby cousin and her toy monkey) but hearing her say THANK YOU was music to my ears. Ahhhhh the joys of parenting yet again.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Maia and her pangluto

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