Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thoughts On Stock Trading

I am an accountant by profession. But I suck at managing our household finances and moreover at finding ways to grow whatever little savings we have. I always envy friends who are stock market savvy. I wish I paid more attention to discussions regarding the stock market while I was in college. It could have come in handy in this adult chapter of my life.  Parenting-wise my greatest achievement as a financial guru to my kid would be providing her with a piggy bank and challenging her to save up so she can have the funds to get herself a toy or a book that she desires.

Thankfully at this time where the world-wide web rules, everyone is now afforded with the opportunity to study and gain deeper understanding of almost everything by just a click or two. If you would want to dip your finger into stock trading for instance, you can read suretrader reviews online to guide you in choosing the broker that will suite you best. 

Someday, I will make time to learn this stuff. I'm just really glad everything is virtually just a click away.

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