Friday, June 7, 2013

Future Plans

Kids often get asked: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Maia isn't spared of that question. I cannot count how many times I've heard people ask her that. I cannot blame them, it really is cute (and amusing and even fascinating) listening to kids narrate about their grand plans for the future.

My little miss seemed pretty sure about how she'd want to end up to be in the future. She would firmly declare she wants to be a doctor, almost always. Add to her recent fascination on Doc McStuffins and she will really convince you she has her life's directions mapped out really well towards that medical degree dream.

So everyone in our family is really happy that she's got the conviction she will definitely become little miss MD someday. But as we know how kids know that in between those years, they are bound to change their minds and decide to become either:

The Illustrator of the Year

(this one i'm really very proud of how far she's gone even without taking up lessons yet. If you look closely at the photo below you'll see that she's holding a very detailed drawing. Showed it to my co-workers and they were awed)

or maybe;

The Colorist of the Year

(she still isn't into colors as you would expect most kids to be but she's starting to like coloring her illustrations lately)

or she could very well be;

The Chef of the Year

(ever since she finished that 3 day cooking class at St. Michael Playhouse, she's become more interested with not just eating but food preparation and cooking most especially. And whatever she can get her hands on during make-believe play, she'd usually turn into a kitchen tool, a food item or a household fixture)

Yes, we would want her to pursue being a doctor. But we would also want her to always bear in her heart and mind that no matter where her passion takes her we will always be there to support her and cheer on her.

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