Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weekend Love: Kiddie Fun At Star City

I never developed a fondness for theme parks. When I visit a place I would rather raid the local palengke, bakery, museum or zoo. But of course, when you become a mother, your preferences take the back seat when you plan something with your kid.

When the company I work for announced that they are sponsoring an Employee Fun Day at Star City my instant reaction was to delete that email. Good thing the announcement came in installments and on the 3rd email, I realized that although this is not something I would personally define as fun it actually could be something that might be fun to the kid. So I asked the husband's opinion and he decided we will go for the little miss's sake.

Friday morning, the kid could hardly contain her excitement for our trip. We're going to "ROCK" City! Yehey!!! Before we could react to say she might be referring to a different place she immediately corrected herself -- "ay Star City pala".

Being the clueless parents that we are, we only paid admission for the kid and decided to just pay per ride inside when the kid has finally chosen the rides that she'll take. But when we got in, she wanted to immediately try the Pirate Adventure with my cousin and her Ate Inday. I inquired at the nearby booth and was told a "per ride" option is not available in Star City. If you want to try the rides you will have to purchase a Ride-All-You-Can pass. We had to walk all the way back to the main entrance so we can avail of the corporate discount. We were able to get her RAYC ticket for only P270 (normally P400/person). Had we inquired before we got in, it would have saved us the hassle of the long walk back and the relentless whining from the kid. But...these things just happens. Moving on...

We would later find out that the little miss is not allowed to ride most of the main attractions. She wanted to try the bump cars with her alalays (i.e. her Tito Iko and Ate Inday) but was told she can't because she didn't reach the height limit of 4ft. We were pointed back to the kiddie bump cars but when we got there, she wasn't interested anymore. She still bravely tried some of the mini roller coaster rides though - The Dragon Express (she was shouting, Nahilo ako dun, nahilo ako dun while getting off the train!), The Kiddie Wheel, The Wacky Worm, Magic Forest, The Grand Carousel and Quack! Quack!. She went inside Peter Pan, The Land of the Giants and Snow World. But she spent the most time in Little Tykes! I had to distract her with a box of freshly cooked pizza so she would go out of the area.

I didn't think we would put the RAYC pass to good use but I thought wrong. I think it was sulit and the kid really had the grand time of her life. She even declared she will come back when she's six so she can finally get into the other rides. I don't know where she took after but I'm just glad this kid does not think twice when an adventure is served on her plate. 

I guess I will have to start appreciating theme parks for the time being. She has not been introduced to Disney and Universal Studios yet. She doesn't know that there is such a place called Lego Land and Hello Kitty Land yet but I'm sure when she discovers these places, she will not stop till she gets us to say yes to taking a trip to these places.

p.s. Star City does not allow patrons to bring in food so best to either eat before you get in or well prepare to spend for food when inside. Food prices are not that steep anyways and there are several popular fast food chains inside (there was a Chowking, I think and a Greenwich stall. And lots of stalls selling pica pica)


Toni Tiu said...

How's the security and cleanliness? Thinking of visiting one of these days! :) Pictures look great, F!

faye paras said...

Oh yes I forgot to mention security. It wasn't that tight (minimal ang security guard visibility inside actually)...that was one concern I had too that's why I never considered bringing the kid here before. Good thing, we had the place exclusively for company employees for 3 hours. But there were lots of kids inside when we were leaving. I guess if you'd really like to take T there, best to put a ID tag on him and orient him to never leave your side (that's what we did to the little girl). Ang daming tao last Friday. Even at 6pm dami pang pumapasok.

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