Sunday, August 4, 2013

Evading Naptime

As a child, I hated naptimes. My grandmother, who was our primary caregiver then, was however very keen on us getting enough napping hours because she really believed that nap time was an essential part of a kid's growth. One of her tricks then to get us to nap was to tell us we will never grow an inch further if we don't take our naps. ("maputot na lang gid timo indi run timo magtaas") If there was any truth to that, I guess, you can tell by looking at me that yes I was not a fan of that afternoon activity. I would pretend to close my eyes and get up the minute my lola would leave our side to do other chores.

I never thought I'd resort to one of my lola's tricks now that I'm a mom. Not till this afternoon. Although, I did tell the little miss it was Lola Apoy who told me that missing afternoon naps will stunt my growth. It didn't bother her at all. And it didn't surprise me. That trick never worked for me anyways. Why would I ever think I can fool my own kid?

"I'm just not sleepy, Mommy. Di ba mahaba ang tulog ko kagabi?"

But you have to take enough rest during weekends so you'll have plenty of energy during schooldays, anak. Try to close your eyes now. Makakatulog ka rin.

(feigns sleep for a few seconds) "Ayaw talaga eh. Hindi ko talaga kaya matulog" (then she goes to ask me to make her some warm milk. she drank it up fast but still didn't show any sign of sleepiness after finishing a full glass)

O sige. Ako na lang ang matutulog.

So I forcefully closed my eyes to feign sleep too but ended up actually falling asleep myself. I woke up after (maybe) 15 minutes and there she was, snoring next to me with her arms wrapped tightly around her favorite bolster.

Yun lang pala ang dapat ginawa ko 'nak, di mo na lang sinabi agad.
Are naptimes also a challenge for you and your kid/s? How do you convince them to take naps without having to go through so much drama?

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Toni Tiu said...

Nakakatulog din ako when I feign sleep. Haha! Well at least we got a power nap! :P

I hated naptimes when I was a kid. I felt like it was tearing me away from something more productive! Playtime is productive right? Syempre ganon din ang panakot sa amin -- hindi kami tatangkad. Yun na nga. Hindi nga ako tumangkad ng husto. :/

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