Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hey There, December!

Just checking in for now to say "Hello! We're still here!"

The little girl worked on getting our humble tree up the minute we plucked the fake spider webs out of the flower bed in our lawn.

I wanted to have brighter lights this year. I don't know why. But the sight of Christmas lights is like a happy pill for me these days. I wanna fill our home with lights. But it's the 3rd day of December already and I don't think that wish is going to happen this year.

We are spending Christmas with my family in Antique for the first with the little girl this year. I guess that should be more than enough replacement for my bright wish this year. Just 17 more days to go and I say hello to rest again.

Our household can hardly wait.

Here's to hoping the rest of December is going to be kind to all of us. Tight hugs.

It is going to get better.


PlanetMarsy said...

Enjoy your December Faye! Wishing you a wonderful vacay with your fam! Cheers :)

Maggie said...

I love your tree and your star! Christmas lights make me feel giddy with Christmas delight too :)

Peachy said...

I agree. The star is a nice add-on to the tree. Wala bang full view, faye? ;)

faye paras said...

Thanks Mars - enjoy your holidays too! Kisses to Liapot!

Thanks too Mags and Peachy - I will try to post a full view of our tree before Christmas is over :)

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