Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Flu Season

I came home last night to a kid with a terribly stuffed nose. Ngongo. Poor baby. And I though she's already toughened and immuned from flu having made sure she gets her good share of natural vitamin C these days by stuffing her with lots of veggies. I would have wanted to get more fruits in too but the only fruit she likes to eat of late are bananas. I still consider myself lucky though since we are already past that stage where every meal time is a struggle. These days, I rarely fret over her meals anymore as she's pretty much eating whatever food is served on the dinner table (thanks to her training in school which I will discuss in a separate post).

I guess the only culprit to that stuffed nose is this terrible cold weather that we've been experiencing almost every night since we got back from Antique last December 31st. We had to skip night runs these days because Tibs cannot push his legs out of the door the minute the cold air touches his skin. We are a family of lamigins. Yes. We can barely tolerate temperatures falling below 20 degrees Celcius. Corny no?

Kid is fast asleep now but she cried out for me for several times in the past few hours. She really hates getting this clogged nose. Well, who would want to be bothered in their sleep, right? Nobody. We always go to bed wishing for uninterrupted snooze time. Poor, poor baby. I really hope she gets better tomorrow.

How has this season been to you, friends? I hope it doesn't wreck havoc in your household. We have enough virus already what with the recent news of measles outbreak. What precautionary measures are you taking of late to ensure your household is safe from these aggressive viruses? I hope this looming fear of getting sick will be over soon. I hate being paranoid all the time.


PlanetMarsy said...

Aww! Get well soon Maia. We all fell sick too when we arrived from our trip. Everybody's coughing and sniffing at home! And I can relate to you about being paranoid :) We haven't been bringing Lia out on a mall date recently because of the outbreak! Nakakatakot!

faye paras said...

Naku Mars sana matapos na. I barely watch the news these days so I just get updates from facebook. parang ayaw ko na din kasi mataranta palagi. onte sama lang ng pakiramdam talon agad isip ko sa kung saan saan. and i always ask her if anyone from school is sick. hahaha.

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