Sunday, January 26, 2014

Moving Up So Soon!

Last Tuesday, I received a note that the little girl is scheduled to have her "graduation" photo taken. I went a little sentimental, was teary-eyed even and announced to my co-worker who is a parent to a kindergarten student herself that I will have a graduate soon. We both exchanged "how fast time flies" stories for a bit. And after that talk, I realized I'm slowly transforming and gently letting go of the helicopter parent personality. I have since ceased to be overly worried about every single minute that my kid is in school. Most days during the school week, I would forget to check if she's home already. 

This school year, mostly due to drastic changes at work, I had to lie low on being super mommy. I think all these changes was probably God-driven as I would come to realize now that with me getting really busy, I've become the cool mom that I exactly wished to be. I stopped being worried about whether she's reviewed enough for an exam or if her homework is done right or if the artwork rating is perfect. Am I a bad mommy? Nah, I stopped beating myself hard on that one. I think my little girl and I finally struck our balance. I've started letting her be herself which at this point, appears to be just best approach for her personality.

I am extremely blessed to have a daughter who was born with a big, understanding heart. I missed half of the school activities she had this year but I'm lucky I have a supportive husband and a super yaya to fill in when needed. We celebrate a milestone soon! And it's all because of everyone's hardwork!

My little girl's moving up to a whole new chapter soon. Exciting times ahead! And our entire household just couldn't wait!!!

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