Thursday, February 6, 2014

Milestone: Fieldtrip With No Chaperone

I've never been fond of fieldtrips. I've never witnessed a fieldtrip that was not rushed. Where kids don't spend too much time waiting on lines. I think kids don't learn much on fieldtrips. Yes, to be blunt about it, I think they were a waste of time and I've sort of scrapped that out of fun things my preschooler can experience while in school.

We did skip the fieldtrip when Maia was in Nursery. I didn't think she was ready. And they went to a place that she's already been to - Manila Ocean Park. Neither me nor the husband was willing to come back to MOP that soon yet.

But having the kid miss that field trip sort of made me feel guilty. I do not know why but yes, I felt guilty. So husband and I sat and talked about it. We realized the fun of fieldtrips for school kids is not really just about the places that they see but mostly in the "trip" itself. Just like us adults who would find delight on roadtrips, I guess the same goes for kids on a school fieldtrip. Nothing beats a day spent with your school buddies, share laughs about the silliest, most trivial things you come across, and getting more laughs reminiscing those silly things during recess. And if it's a trip you take without your parents on it, isn't that twice the fun? Hurt a bit -- but we both agreed the answer to that should be a resounding YES.

So come Kindergarten, we resolved to let her join the fieldtrip. What I wasn't really ready for was learning that they will have to go UN-chaperoned. I was ready to pass and so was the hubby but I thought we can still send Ate Inday to watch from the sidelines and yet give her the freedom to enjoy her time with her friends. But no, the memo was clear. No moms, no dads, no Ate Indays.

It was a scary thought. But I know I have to suck it up and let go. I tried not to think about it too much. The kid was after all over her head with excitement. And yes, she is not worried she's going on her own. The thought in fact seemed to excited her even more. I just took comfort from her stories about how her teacher would remind them what are the TO DOs and NOT TO DOs during the trip.

So come fieldtrip day, I woke up extra early to prepare everything she needed. I paid extra attention to her packed lunch and snacks. I went the extra mile and brought her to school myself so I could personally take her up to the bus. But guess what? When we arrived at her school, she told me "Mommy, hanggang gate ka lang ha? Okay na ako"

My kid. The obedient one. She was scared to let her classmates see me. She's scared I might give them the impression that I'm joining the field trip. E BAWAL NGA SABI NI TEACHER, REMEMBER MOMMY?

So me, the obedient mom, reluctantly bid her bye-bye. I did make sure I covered all bases though. I handed her this note before we had breakfast and asked her to read it. She understand every word, I guess, because she immediately planted a loving kiss on my cheeks and gave me a super tight hug. "I love you too, Mommy"

My sweet little baby is growing up so fast.

Mommy will always be here sweetie.Ready to hold your hand. ALWAYS.

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