Friday, February 21, 2014

Getting Ready For School On Her Own (and some mommy musings)

I was feeling under the weather (nah, make that terrible) this morning so I decided to just stay home and rest. The kid was ecstatic to have me linger in bed way past my usual 7am wake up call. We grabbed a quick breakfast with the hubs and went back to bed. I dozed off a little bit more while she grabbed a couple of pens and paper and doodled in bed while watching me sleep.

At around 9am, Ate Inday called out to her to get ready. I was shaken to full-awake mode when I saw her climbed the bed and grabbed a set of her school uniform from the cabinet beside our bed. I stealthily got up to check on where she's taking the uniform and grinned when I saw her place it gently on our sofa and started dressing up.

My 5 year old can now prepare for school on her own! I am one beaming (albeit silently as I do not want to startle her since she tends to be very self-conscious when caught doing something seemingly amazing) momma once again! I tried to recall how I was as a 5 year old and I don't even think I can match her skill set now. Although, growing up with both of my parents working, I learned to become independent at an early age as well. Looking back, I do not regret growing up in that environment. At an early age, I learned the value of hard work. And I think it was one of the values that are very, very important to teach to my kid. Learning the value of hard work also teaches you to be resilient. It teaches you honesty. It teaches you respect. It teaches you honor. 

Okay. I should stop now (I fear I might sound preach-y soon). Ending this post instead with this:

Dear Maia,

Watching you prepare your things for school today and dress up on your own was kind of surreal. I didn't think I will witness you do such things this early. But I'm really happy. (and a bit sad...but really more, more happy). You are growing up to be the little girl that I've always hoped you to be. You always tell me you understand if Mommy cannot take care of you the way she used to and now I see why. You are now learning to do things on your own!!! Amazing you! I love you to bits, my little miss!

Keep it up, Maia! Continue your pursuit to discover what other things you can start to do on your own beginning today. Me and daddy will always remain by your side to serve as your guide. May you always take inspiration on hardwork that is immensely valued in our family. May it teach you the virtues that it taught me growing up. Remember that there may be no shortcuts to success but hard work will always lead you to it. As long as you remain passionate.

We love you very much! We are lucky to be called your parents!
Daddy and Mommy

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