Saturday, March 1, 2014

Family day is always the BEST day!

Earlier today. 

Several things happening these past few weeks that reminded me how important my family is.

Plenty of things here on earth could be temporal. But there are some - no matter how intangible -that transcends time. 

Relationships. Values. Memories. [on a good day, I could probably go on and on...but for now this is what comes to mind]

We spent a good deal of our day time today walking around this beautiful place in Manila called Intramuros. This place is so rich - of stories that our kids could benefit from. My kid had a lot of questions for me today. I wasn't able to give quick answers to most. I will have to brush up on Philippine history and get back to her soon. Or I might just refer her to her lolo who was my most favorite history teacher (yes, I probably will just do that).

But apart from the historical value of today's trip, we also took home a lot of reflective insights. We took a jeepney from Lawton to Intramuros and along the way, we were once again reminded of how lucky we are. I took that opportunity to point out to the kid what privileges she enjoys and reminded her as well not to take those privileges for granted because as how privileges are -- not everyone is afforded with those.

Today was a good day. Today was a day filled with gratefulness and appreciation to the brim.

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Anonymous said...

I realize ang lapit lang namin sa Intramuros and even in Luneta Park and yet hindi namin pinupuntahan yan. We better go there one of these days! Sayang ang miles! Chos!

You're right family day is ALWAYS the best! :)

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