Saturday, March 8, 2014

Memorable Intramuros Quips

On our recent trip to Intramuros, the kid had a great time walking around. You can tell because she was very conversational and asked so many questions. Most of them I completely forget by the time I go to sit down and make notes. But here's a few of those that I remembered. 

Still makes me smile each time I read them.

"I'm so kind today! I gave food to so many people!!!" -- after giving a piece of kitkat to a beggar

"mommy, what is freedom?" after we caught a glimpse of Jose Rizal's prison cell and asked me why he was imprisoned

"do we have to talk in English here in Intramuros, Mommy?" - arriving in Intramuros and seeing the streets lined with old houses (she probably thought we were in a different country already)

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