Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Christ our Savior is risen! Isn't that wonderful?

How are you celebrating Easter?

In my part of the world, Easter is usually celebrated by hearing religious mass as majority of the populace here are Catholics. We did that this morning (with the kid shooting question after question to me. I told her I will give her better answers next time, she just have to give me time to research) and we had shared breakfast at the nearby fastfood joint after. The kid was already very happy with that. Such fun to be a kid. They find joy in the simplest things.

Whatever race, religion, beliefs you may have...I wish you a wonderful, blessed, peaceful, restful Easter.

And as part of our Easter tradition, since egg hunting is still not very popular here, we'll do some crafts activities later this afternoon instead (when the kid wakes up from her long afternoon nap). She asked if we can do different eggs and bunnies later and I found some patterns we can use later. I just discovered this site and I'm starting to love it! Sharing it with you just in case you're looking for some crafts activities to do with your little kid/s later as well.

Easter Bunny and Egg Pattern and more Easter crafts in here. And the activity that started this tradition of our: family of bunnies.


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