Sunday, April 13, 2014

Maia Recommends: Fully Booked's Once Upon A Time

Our normally quite and lazy weekend was temporarily interrupted today. As I've been confined at home due to a terrible flu attack recently, I thought my family deserve sometime out. I grabbed at the chance to do just that when my mommy friends called for a play-cum-mommy chat date at the newly opened Vanilla Cupcake Bakery branch at one of the popular down here at the south.

We started the day to celebrate Palm Sunday. And then the kid being the book worm that she is immediately requested we head straight to a bookstore after hearing mass. She seemed to have a mental checklist of what books she will grab on her next trip that she immediately makes a beeline to the stall where the books she likes are when we get to a bookstore she likes.

Today was particularly made extra special because my blogger friend, Aimee, informed us of her latest project. Bookstore trip made even more exciting by a storytelling session! We were even luckier because we came on a Sunday when storytellers from Adarna are invited.

From the information that Aimee shared to us the sessions are scheduled every Saturdays and Sundays  at 2pm and 4pm. Today's session consisted of 2 Adarna book stories that ran for about 30 minutes. The storyteller was so animated and fluid that she got the kids engaged and very responsive to questions she would throw unexpectedly. I loved how interactive that session was! I am looking forward to bringing Maia to more of these storytelling sessions.

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Aimee Diego said...

Yey thanks for coming Faye! So happy to hear Maia had a great time! :-)

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