Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

I was once a dessert monster. But having vowed to choose healthier food some months ago, I have since buried that monster persona unto the deepest bottom of my craving list.

Once in a while though, when I stumble into a pastry store that is so daintily decorated and sells goodies that are just too inviting to every sweets addict (recovering or not) roaming this planet, the monster awakens. And that's exactly what happened today. Normally (knowing how I miss the shops in Makati CBD where I lived for almost half of my working life. I do miss the city life sometimes BUT not all the time) my husband would strategically stir me away from malls or if unavoidable, would jokingly tell me to just close my eyes while passing through. This afternoon he didn't do such thing. Maybe because we have the little miss with us. I don't know what got into him. But it seems, we were really destined to see (and be lured by) this attractive pastry shop. 

Gotta lace up really soon, if I don't want to worry about my weight again.
While I was still undecided if I will try their cupcakes, the little miss already pulled me further inside the store. She got so excited seeing the colorful, pretty interiors of the store. 

"Are we going to eat here Mommy?" As if on queue, we both threw the daddy puppy looks. (Probably) Left with no choice, he reluctantly nodded back but added: "Buy them to go." So I replied back to the little miss, "No baby, well just buy the cupcakes then we'll eat them at home. You need to get some rest because you're still feverish". She didn't retort as if silently affirming my statement. But she asked if we can check out the other end of the store. She kept pointing at the fondant cake displays which were equally colorful as the store itself.

that's pretty mommy!
loving everything inside this store.
from the drawer details to the play of pastel colors in its interiors
photobombed. but she didn't mind. she just wanted 
awkward at first. but loosened up when i told her we'll buy cupcakes for her
she feel in love at first sight with the yellow mini-Daphne chair. she attempted to carry it but turned out to be heavier than she imagined. Haha. i don't know what she was thinking by doing that. but those chairs cost a fortune litte girl i don't think your dad will let us take it home.
tea time mommy!
the store also sells cakes by the slice.
but they're a bit steep for our pockets (around 300+/slice) so we decided to pass up
There's nothing like ending the day on a sweet note. Although, among the cupcakes that I've tasted it's still Sonja's that tops my list, I would come back to this place if only for the ambiance. I would hope though that they consider lowering the prices of the cuppies (special cupcakes are on the range of 85-100) to encourage more cupcake lovers and sweets aficionados to try their goodies. I only tried two flavors the choco malt vanilla cupcake and red velvet. My mom who isn't very fond of cakes loved the vanilla cupcake (maybe that is really their specialty, I should remember to ask next time). I'm still raring to try the other flavors. One at a time, I guess. I would wish they will consider having choco mint icing on their menu as well (as I am a sucker for that combo).

Glorietta 4, Makati City/ Trinoma, Quezon City


Maggie said...

Did you know sis that this is owned (daw accdg to one of the managers) by the Kamiseta Group. That's why their interiors are so sweet and dainty and kinda reminds you of...well, Kamiseta. Hehe. I love their red velvet cupcake! I should've tried their vanilla. Oo nga naman "Vanilla" yung name ng shop nila eh. hehe.

faye paras said...

Maggie! Oo nga i remembered din it used to be Kamiseta's old spot nga. Tara minsan kapihan kamustahan tayo dun. Dami pa flavors to try :)

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