Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dad and Little Miss Playground Convo

The little miss and her dad gave me some time alone last Sunday morning so I can sleep in for an extra hour and gather my wits to whip out a decent breakfast. Ate was taking a day off so it's family time for us (something that we haven't done for quite sometime now).

They headed out to bike at first and then later on spent a good few hours at the playground. We usually don't stay for a long time in there so I was a little surprised when they weren't back for more than an hour already. When they finally got back, Tibs told me they did some role-playing at the playground. The daddy becomes the student and the little miss becomes the parent. It was kind of hilarious because she distinctly remembers every single thing we do and say the minute she gets home from school (or rather the minute we get home from work).

O daddy, how was school? 
Can I please see your diary?
O you have homework? 
Did you finish doing it already? 
What did you have for lunch? 
Did you finish your food?
Who did you eat your lunch with?
Time for bed! You still have school tomorrow. 

That was how the script went and that elicited a lot of head-shaking and chuckles from the daddy. She played her parent role very well. We could very well swap roles with her at any given day and I'm sure she will absolutely rock as a baby mommy.

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