Thursday, February 28, 2013

Art Always Takes Top Priority

Last night, the hubs got stuck in traffic on his way home so our date run did not push through. It was a blessing in disguise because the kid was again refusing to let me out. Despite seeing me dressed in running clothes, she held me up to help her with homework. 

She had two assignments last night. One for Science and another for Math. I was never pushy when it came to homework. As long as she tries her best to get it done, I'm okay with it. She doesn't have to finish if she does not feel like it. I don't know if this is good training or not. I'm just going by my instinct here. And trusting that I know what works best for my kid.

So anyways, I let her pick which one to do first. Their topic for science this week is about the types of weather and the homework is asking her to draw her favorite weather type. I think the minute she heard me say drawing, a bell went 'DING' somewhere and she instantly grabbed the science book from me. It said drawing and yes, drawing always takes top priority. She can actually draw for hours. Just give her a bunch of paper or notebooks or sketch pads (even newspapers, she's not picky), pens (she really prefers to use pens - ballpoint, gel pens - rather than pencils when she draws. she's picky when it came to the drawing tool), markers and she'd be good on her own for at least 2 hours.

It didn't take her long to finish the drawing. Just a few minutes actually. She drew herself and a friend playing with a ball on a sunny day. With an apple tree and birds chirping on the background. She has a very detailed imagination and steady hands. Just by watching her draw with ease, my heart is filled with pride. Give her one more year, and she can draw better people figures than me. I bet she can even draw better landscapes then. (Now where did I put that art class flyer...hehe...)

So she finishes the science homework in a matter of minutes, gave it color even. In less than half an hour, we're done with homework #1. She knows it's time for homework #2. Then she stalled. She suddenly thought it's the perfect time to do some painting. And guess what she picks to be her canvas? MY ARMS. MY freakin' flabby arms. She grabs her watercolor and paintbrushes and asked me to choose - "what do you want mom? heart or ice cream?". I go for heart. And she started working on painting my arms with a green heart (because green is my favorite color, she says). She worked on painting my arms for almost an hour. Sneaky little kid, eh?

After finishing up with me, she goes up to yaya and asked her - you like me to paint you too ate? you want ice cream?. I have been holding the math book in front of her for quite sometime now (for like maybe 15 minutes already). She's really getting better at this stalling thing. And everyday she gives me the chance to exercise my patience. I should probably thank her for that. 

Thankfully her dad arrives just in time and she finally runs out of excuses. Guess what? She made me wait for an hour. She finished the math assignment in 2 minutes. Only took her two minutes but we had to wait for an hour before she finally gives it a shot. Sigh. The things I would for my daughter.

Anyways, you want to see the finished body art? I'm thinking of buying her face painting materials. This is probably due to an overdose of birthday parties this past couple of months. But I'm glad activities like that always tickles her curiosity and imagination.

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