Sunday, March 3, 2013

52 Months

While we were at the playground earlier today, I was watching you and your daddy intently and I was swept by nostalgia once again. I couldn't stop myself from digging up your infant photos. I caught myself doing a sigh at  every click. 
You did this several times today. And your dad had that same look on his face all through out.
I realized. I'm tougher than him when it came to this. I probably watched you get hurt many times over I've been numbed already. And yes, I believe too that shielding you from hurt will never help you at all. You came down safely on your own by the way. 
Some days, your wits make me forget you are only 52 months old. But most days, it's really your physical features that tend to confuse me. You don't look anywhere near the sweet-smelling, plump baby girl that I used to lull to sleep in my arms.

3 summers ago. wow. 
Your interests has shifted differently now. You now like everything girly. Polished nails. Hairbrushes. Make up. Barbie (I cringe at the thought though). And to think, I use to worry you might grow up a tomboy like me. But you are starting to be my exact same opposite. Haha. No complains though (except on that part with Barbie in it).
Earlier today. "Why are we called prncesses again, Mommy?"
3 years ago. She could barely say the word PRINCESS yet.
These past few days before I leave for work, you always insist that I sit on your dresser so you can personally put my make up on. (I rarely go to work with make up but these days, you definitely force me to do better). You would demand to be given the freedom to choose what clothes to wear now and what shoes you'd like to pair it with and what hairdo would go best with that. And we rarely do meddle on those. Because we value your demand for independence and making your own choices.
pretty ukay dress from her lola. See, it's not just me who loves to dress her up.
today we were hitting the playground but she insisted on wearing these shoes. oh well.
from a recent birthday party that she attended. fear of mascots conquered!
BUT for now don't grow up too fast, please? I don't think I'm ready for that yet. Linger for awhile. I still would like to find a way to bottle up what's remaining of that baby breath of yours, most especially. I'd still want to be able to carry you on some days when I'd be all nostalgic about your infant days. 

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