Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Summer In Antique Updates

The thing with slacking with my blog entries is, I tend to lose momentum. And if I don't push it, I'd probably end up abandoning this blog again for well the nth time (since I can't count it with my 10 fingers anymore).

So while I wanted to talk in detail about how this vacation of ours is going so far, I can't organize my thoughts well enough to answer curious questions about my home province so I'll settle for pictures for now.

And being stuck mostly at home due to our unfortunate battle with the killer flu that struck the little miss (leading to our ER trip), I really don't have a lot of photos to share yet. We've been here for 4 days and yet, we haven't gone to the beach yet. The beach -- albeit not the white sandy beach that would most probably attract tourists -- is just a kilometer away from my childhood home. But yes, we have been feeling that bad we couldn't gather enough strength to bring the kids out to the beach and even more chase after them. We'll just wait for reinforcement to come before we even tickle them with the thought of beach frolic.

maia finally meets the new addition to our family

So far, we've just been alternating resting, feeding, bathing and playing (if there's still some energy left for that) with two kids. My nephew who is about a year and a half older than the little miss is quite a handful on his own already so our day tends to be a little exhausting already. But despite that, we amazingly still find some time to squeeze in an activity or two during the day. Which leads me to believe, life is really slow here (and I meant that is a really good way).

Even if this is the first time in a long time that I am wishing for the weekend to come slower, I am just really thankful that despite being sick for more than half of our allotted vacation days we still manage to spend quality time as a family. That's good enough for me. Good enough for us three.

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Maggie said...

Hinihintay ko everyday yung mga IG posts mo Faye! I love it! I am glad you had a great vacay. It makes going back to work so hard nga lang hehe. Happy Easter!

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