Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sick Little Miss

One thing I dread about being a parent is having a kid who is sick. It renders me sleepless and wanting to camp in a doctor's clinic.

Yes, after almost 5 years I still am a worry-wart when my kid gets sick. I try not to entertain bad thoughts but I can't help it. And the worse part, I have to take care of a sick kid through the phone. I am scheduled to take a long leave from work for our upcoming Antique vacation so I'm trying not to miss any more work days just to avoid feeling guilty about passing on some work to my co-workers while I'm gone.

But today, I'm having a difficult time staying focused on work. I keep thinking about my sick little miss. Nasty flu just won't leave her alone. Just last month, she also nursed a fever for a couple of days because she ended up with a sore throat. But it's been ages since she registered high fever. For a couple of years now, we only had to deal with fevers that were below 39 degrees Celcius. A few minutes ago though, Ate Inday took her temperature and it registered 39.4. Now I'm worried sick.

Please  help us pray she gets better soon. She's so excited about her Antique vacation I'm really praying hard it pushes through. I hope it's just something viral and that her system is just fighting it hard (thus the high fever).

Just last weekend before dry coughing and subsequent fevers took the best of her.

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Jeng Aquino said...

Hope she gets well soon. Prayers, prayers, prayers for you. Agree nakaka-praning magkasakit mga kiddos. She must be as excited as you are for your Antique trip. Super ingat and enjoy summer!

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