Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Studio 2716

I love photographs. Especially portraits - of families, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, parents and kids, grandparents and grandkids. And of friends sharing and celebrating milestones together.

I especially love photographs that were candidly taken. Honest. Very real and full of emotions. I can stare at them forever and not get tired. (hehehe. seriously. when i'm blown away by something, i just stare  at it blankly)

I love photos but I am never comfortable posing for the camera so if ever I have photos, they're usually of the quirky kind.And what's kinda ironic is, those quirky photos are usually my favorites. Probably because those were the only decent photos I can find of myself.

When I became a mom, photos became my source of comfort as I would later find out that time just flies by so fast. So given my unreliable memory, I cling to photos as a sort of reminder of the time that past - may they be happy, sad or a mix of both. Despite my love-hate relationship with the camera, photoshoots became a thing that I started to look forward to because that's the only time we get to have good, frame worthy photos as  family. 

We aren't experts at it as we haven't had a lot of photoshoots yet but so far (in the 4 times that we've had) I can fairly say that we've had good experiences with the photographers that we've worked with. Among these photographers however, a favorite stands out - STUDIO 2716.

I won't offer praises as I'm not very good at that. But I'll just let the photos speak to you. As I said earlier, I'm a fan of candid photos. And in my opinion, Studio 2716 is very good at taking these kind of photos. We first had the chance to work with them when we went for an out of town-er family playdate with my mommy friends (and their respective families) Erl, Maqui and Rachel. I was so happy with our photos, I immediately had some printed and sent copies to my parents who were equally thrilled to see them. See for yourself:

Early this month, I had the chance to meet one of their photographers again - Dom (he took one of my fave photos on Maia gleefully shrieking at one of the swings in Fun Farm). He took photos of our recent mommy blogger and kids playdate at the Ayala Triangle Garden. Here's a link to the photo album he aptly titled HAPPY SUNDAYS! I unfortunately was not able to join in the family photoshoot as I came alone in this playdate (kid was sick and the daddy had to stay home with her) but the photos were all equally pretty.
till our next meet up amazing pretty talented mommas! 
I hope this becomes a regular thing in our playdates because for one, we can finally enjoy playdates without having to slave ourselves off with taking photos of the kids minute by minute or end up with no photos at all to document the day (which is really heartbreaking for a mommy blogger like me).

Studio 2716 has very affordable (and budget-friendly) rates. Our family highly recommends them. Hop on over to their Facebook page for more details or shoot them an email at studio2716@gmail.com.


Aimee Diego said...

Dom really is an amazing photographer! I love that first photo of your family in a boat! Beautiful! :-)

M. said...

I am so ingggggiiiiiit. yun lang. hahaha. lovely photos ladies :)

Maggie said...

I agree with Aimee. I super like the photo in a boat. :) and Maia and Tibs fishing :D

KikayMommySha said...

We so love, Dom! Ang galing nya talaga kumuha in fairness to him! Gusto ko din magpa-family pic dyan! Ang nice ng place!

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