Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Days are at ST MICHAEL PLAYHOUSE for Summer 2013

Summer is always spelled F.U.N. in our household. It's when we get to hie away from the city and take a week off to just play lazy (in it's truest essence). We're not very fond of the beach but since summer is always equated to it, yes we still look forward to some beach time as well. And summer also means fruits are abundant. Yay again for this family who is striving to be healthier and healthier by the day. (still a loooong way to go, but we're getting there)

Apart from those however, another thing that makes us really look forward to summer are the myriad of activities that kids can enjoy during summer. For us, one summer activity that we really look forward to would be the summer classes at St. Michael Playhouse in Makati. We've spent 2 summers there. I've written about that here and here. And it seems, the kid has now programmed herself to spend some time there during summer. Just before St Michael announced the activities they're offering this summer, she already declared she's enrolling in baking and cooking. This kid of mine is starting to master the art of dropping hints. 

Happy days are indeed coming because I just received this via email this weekend. So if you still have no plans for your kids this summer, why not enroll them at St Michael. Slots are very limited though so best to get in touch with them the soonest time possible. 


ST MICHAEL PLAYHOUSE, the first Waldorf-inspired Playhouse in the country, hopes to bring delight and wonder to your child this Summer!

We have our Playhouse Program to gently stimulate your child's creativity, from as young as 3 years old to until 8!

Plus, there's our Parent-Child program for toddlers till 2.5 years old, accompanied by one parent.

And we have classes on Doll-making and Basic Crochet for Adults!

Scroll down to see information. The upper part is for the children's program, and when you scroll all the way through, you'll see the classes for adults. (The images may take a little time to load.)

Please fill out the attached Summer Enrollment Form and email back to, or text 0939 925 0848 for more details ... Slots very limited, only full payment guarantees a seat!

See you at ST MICHAEL PLAYHOUSE for Summer! Please do forward to your friends!

What's even great is they have activities for adults too!

G/f, ISIP Center, 6241 Palma cor MaƱalac Sts.
Bgy. Poblacion, Makati City (near Rockwell)
Mobile: 0939 925 0848
Facebook: Look up 'St Michael Playhouse Makati'

"Where is the book in which the teachers can read about what teaching is? The children are this book." – Rudolf Steiner


Maggie said...

We love summer fruits too :) Uy gusto ko yung doll-making. Kaso wala pa naman akong girl. :( Hehe Maia's growing up to me a smart little Miss talaga, Faye. And she's still a toddler :)

Faye Paras said...

hay salamat napalabas ko din mga comments mo. pambihira tong disqus :( go na sa doll making class! para armed and ready na for the next baby (which will hopefully be a girl)

M. said...

Meron ba kikay make up session? Let's enroll Maia and Lia together :)

Faye Paras said...

Mars! pag meron alert kita agad. hahaha. over that and baking i'm sure maia will choose make up sessions in a heartbeat.

KikayMommySha said...

We are planning of enrolling Cyler to a toddler class, St. Michaels looks good kaso the schedule is set on Mon and Tue, we both have work. :(

Sana they have weekends program for toddler.

faye paras said...

Hey Sha! Sorry for the super late reply. St Michael has a parent child program on Saturdays. Try calling them to check if that session syncs with your sched. :))

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