Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Emergency Trip That We Always Hate Taking

Who would have thought that 2 days ago the possibility of our summer trip (tickets of which we purchased almost 6 months ago) not pushing through was looming over our head?

But the little girl was just so determined to get better, I guess she did pray hard for it (albeit silently). 

Monday night we had to rush her to the nearest hospital's ER because she was running a high fever for almost the entire day. She rarely experienced 39-ish fevers anymore so my panic button was ticked. I feared Dengue and I just wanted to clear that off my worries immediately. She initially hesitated because this particular hospital already traumatized her several times over but at that point, that was our best option and she eventually understood and conceded.

Her dad couldn't leave work early then so it was just the two of us who had to make that trip. She was crying at first, because she was so worried (her mom's daughter indeed) my recently extracted gums will bleed from carrying her. But I told her Ate Inday will carry her to the gate and then she will have to help me when we get to the hospital. Did I ever mention how lucky a mom I am? When it's just me and her, she rarely complained. Even if she is feeling at her worst, she never complains. I guess she loves me that much, she doesn't want to inconvenience me as well.

So we made it bravely to the ER. Funny, when the nurse took her temp it registered 37.1. Was it a case of ER-Phobia? I don't know. She might have been scared to her wits but she didn't show. She put up a brave face. When the nurses took samples for her blood and urine for the required lab tests she willfully let them. Cried a little after the needle pricked her tiny finger but only for a few seconds. The rest of our stay at the ER, while waiting for her dad to arrive, she just rested. I could sense she was having a hard time falling asleep though. It was as if she was listening to every conversation, dreading the news that she might need to be confined for a few days.

we were initially told it might be pneumonia and I just wanted to cry.
but after one session with the nebulizer, her lungs seemed to have cleared up.
thanks be to God. he is indeed good all the time!

In the middle of her rest, she bolted upright and announced "I'm going to be better tomorrow, Mommy! I'm going to tell the doctor I'm going to be better tomorrow! Kasi kailangan kong umuwi sa 21 eh. Gusto ko talaga makita si baby Duduy! (referring to her 2 month old cousin)."

After 3 hours we got the results back, the ER doctor did not find it worse enough to require her for admission but we were prescribed antibiotics because the indicators for a bacterial infection were above normal. Since the pharmacies nearby were close, I decided to wait out the antibiotics till the following day. I wanted to let her pedia see the results herself and have her prescribe the meds herself.

After our pedia consult, we were cleared for our vacation. We all heaved a sigh of relief. ER trips like that makes me miss my family more. Because both me and the hubby lives far from our respective immediate families, we have no one else to run to but ourselves in times of emergencies like this.

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