Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Recap # 7 - Unplanned Trip and New Discoveries

Pathetic that the most I can post is about weekend updates. But better than none for now, I guess. I have yet to saddle back into getting my mother groove back. Nasty flu also had to victimize our entire household this past week. And Saturday saw us making a unplanned call to the little miss's pedia since she started running fever early morning.

It was a bad rhinitis attack that was worsened by a sneaky trip with Ate Inday to the frozen yogurt booth last Friday after the little miss's mini-intrams in school. I think she pretty well has learned her lesson now. I don't think she's ever going to ask for anything cold, iced or frozen when she's coughing. 

So while waiting for our turn at the doctor's clinic, the daddy kept saying -- "NINAKAW NA NAMAN ANG SABADO NATIN. GANUN GANUN NA LANG!" (so our entire Saturday was stolen from us again. Just like that) I shot him a killer glare and he zipped it after that. I'm sure if we didn't make the trip to the doctor's he would have been worried sick about his unica hija the entire weekend. I'll take one wasted day (if you ever consider it that way, I honestly don't Mr.) over an entire wasted weekend due to worrying. Then you will have to call work for an Emergency leave come Monday because you just couldn't bear seeing your daughter suffer anymore.

But mommies and daddies just really seemed to be wired differently. And there's a reason for that most probably. I think by having that, household decisions are balanced (doesn't happen all the time for us, but at least we often get to see the pros and cons first before we plunge into something). 

Sadly, we went home with an antibiotic prescription and 2 more additional medicines to take for a week. What seemed to have been a viral thing last week resulted to swollen tonsils (thanks to that sneaky frozen yogurt trip). Good thing, we're almost halfway through the medication and I can't help but look forward to Friday. We used to have no problems giving medicines to the little miss but since she got accustomed to just taking homeo meds, she started hating commercial meds already. So every time we need her to take her dose for the day, we had to constrain her else we end up playing chase the entire day. Somebody's gotta take the kicks and punches for now (and that's actually me) till this little miss is declared healthy again. 

Photo dumping in here again to recap the weekend that just passed:

bored. and getting a bit impatient.
had to wait for more than an hour for our turn at the doctor's clinic.
Grew tired of doodling on her notebook
so she grabbed the phone from me and starting taking pics of her feet,
her dad's phone, the walls, the door. Haha
passed by this dainty cupcake store on our way home.
i'm writing a separate post on these because I wanted to document
all the pics that I took of the store. And the little girl just loved it so much
i didn't have to force her to pose for photos.
We took these home:

Nice package eh? The girl was thrilled to hold the box since it's in her fave color!
Sunday was a lot better. Kiddo was more energetic.
We even got to sneak out for an easy 30-minute run before breakfast.
Then we hit the playground before Mr. Sun made his presence felt.
No pictures to show for that. But it was a happy morning.

I made cabbage rolls for lunch! My first time.
Wasn't bad. But wasn't great either. Plenty of room to improve.
Please check out my personal blog : for the recipe.
During naptime, she fashioned an imaginary TV out of her school folder.
The pic didn't show the pile of books below that was supposed to be an imaginary DVD player.
At this particular scene when I took the photo, 'KUNG FU PANDA' was showing.
She was laughing and giggling as if she was really watching a real movie.
She entertained us with her funny dialogue!
But I had to cut that short (yes, KJ mom) because she really needed that nap to recuperate fast.
I sneaked out of the house while she's napping to accompany my Mom and sis to the salon.
I grabbed the opportunity to get my hair trimmed too (it's been a year since I had a haircut. Yikes, I know)
The hairstylist was trying to convinced me to get a digi-perm but I was hesitating because I never had my hair 'curled' ever. So when he was blow drying, he decided to make temporary curls.
When I got home, kid was so thrilled to see my wavy hair. She was pushing for me to get it permed so we can both be curly. As of this writing however, I'm still about a thousand likes away from the husband's approval. Haha. 
Whew! That was quite a lengthy one. How's your week going so far? I hope you're having a great one!


M. said...

i think i like your wavy hair sissy (that is, if hubby approves *wink*). lia had coughs since friday too, for some unknown reason (viral na naman!). i hope maia is feeling better!

Maggie said...

Lucas was also coughing over the weekend. Our Pedia gave him some meds na. Ako din, i'm a little under the weather. But our weekend was good, overall. Just posted about it too hehe. :)

Pepper said...

Faye! Big girl na si Maia? She looks so tall!!!

Faye Paras said...

thank you Mars! malapit na bumigay hihi. i hope lia is better too (altho i did see you post a pic from St Lukes i hope that's nothing serious). Maia is feeling better nakapasok naman ng school since Monday.

Faye Paras said...

Pepper! Really? Not as tall as A but I guess considering how small I am, at the rate she's growing she's going to be as tall as me in a couple of years. Kakatuwa din. I hope she takes after her dad's side of the family. They have tall girls talaga. :)

Maggie said...

Bagay ang soft curls! I hope Maia's better na :)

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