Friday, July 18, 2008

baby names

Towards Mommy's 16th week, she had been pushing Daddy to think of baby names already. But Daddy refuses because he wants to make sure of the baby's gender before he starts thinking of names.

But Mommy's just really excited. So she started making her list. She came up with a long one but was able to narrow it down to 5 favorites. Unfortunately, she can only think of girly names. She knew however that she still had to come up with one for a baby boy just in case expectations fail.

Last night, after weeks of contemplation and a lot of research...Mommy came up with a name! Karl Diego. Karl - after Karl Marx the famous revolutionary writer and Lolo's idol and Diego - after a Filipino revolutionary as well and Mommy's fave musician Diego Castillo. Mommy was really ecstatic. Now she wants a baby boy too...hmmm...will Daddy yield?

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