Friday, July 11, 2008

Mommy Journal 0711

Good morning baby! Mommy took time off work today because she’s still having those icky and scary brown spots. Sometimes she gets scared that you’re hurting and gets really emotional when that idea crosses her mind. So Daddy tells her to think happy thoughts and always imagine how our life is going to extremely change once you arrive. That makes me really excited. Mommy just cannot wait to see you and hear your first cries. And I swear no matter how hard and loud you cry, Mommy will have the patience to tolerate them. Those little cries will for sure sound like hearing Mom and Dad’s favorite band sing live. J

So anyway, as Mommy is digressing again let us go back to the real purpose of this letter. As your delivery date is approaching really fast…Mommy wanted to chronicle the days before it as much as she can. So she will try to describe to you her daily routine J

Since she did take time off, she had plenty of time to sleep. This morning though is not really different from the other working days. She still had to wake up early to prepare Daddy’s breakfast. Today it is cheese sandwich with lotsa mayo on it. Daddy really likes the bad stuff. But he always promises to start eating healthy, just in time for your arrival date. Hmmm Mommy wonders if that promise will ever come to a close.

Breakfast is the only time Mom and Dad has time to catch up with each other. They exchange stories from the previous day at work. Last night, Daddy had to come home late because he went to dinner with some officemates. Somebody got promoted and promised to treat them to dinner so off they went to this place in Pasay where you get to shop for fresh food and have them cooked while you wait. Daddy even brought some leftovers home for Mommy and Grandma to enjoy. Yeah, there are times when daddy gets a bit thoughtful. Those days are really special for Mommy because they are really rare. But she does not want Daddy to change. Daddy’s just perfect the way he is now. Mommy loves him that way. And hopefully, you will too.

Anyways, after breakfast Grandma woke up too. She’s got so many errands to run today so she wanted to take off early. Grandma’s already going home tomorrow and the next time she’s going to be back would probably be when it’s time for you to come out of Mommy’s tummy. Mommy hopes though that you will remember Grandma’s voice even if she just stayed with us for a couple of days. Grandma is Mom’s and her sibling’s source of strength. And you will really love her when you meet her. She’s very cheerful and full of life.

So anyway, by 8am everybody’s gone and Mommy and yaya are the only ones left in the house. Mom tried to catch more zzz’s but she’s really not used to staying really late in bed so she ended up watching the morning news on TV instead. Mommy notices she’s a bit irritable today. She normally isn’t. But she thinks it’s probably just because of hormones going wild.

By 930, it was getting pretty hot so Mommy had to get up and take a bath. By 945 she took out the computer and started this letter for you. It’s now 957 Mommy wonders what else she can do today. Should she start doing your scrap book already? Should she keep on writing till she runs out of stories to tell? Rain started pouring hard outside. Now she wishes Daddy’s her with her because he likes to cuddle in bed when it’s raining outside. Mommy likes that. You will like that too. Daddy’s extremely sweet when the mood hits him.

Hmmm…now Mommy’s thinking of what to eat for lunch. Her appetite’s been really voracious lately. She gets worried she’d grow really big and find it hard to deliver you. But these thoughts are normal. All that Mommy really wants is for you and her to be healthy come your delivery day so you can enjoy a lifetime of wonderful experiences together with Daddy.

Well, now baby…this note is now a tale. Mommy has to rush to the toilet again. Her bladder’s shouting for release. More stories later. Love you.

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