Tuesday, July 15, 2008

palaban din si Maia

This morning I woke up uneasy. I did not feel Maia move for a couple of hours already and it sort of bothers me. In order to keep myself from worrying though, I assured myself she's just taking her rest. After all, she has been pretty active for the past few days. She does deserve to be lazy even for just a day. Mommy should give her credit for all the hard work. So I put the negative thoughts and worries aside and went ahead with my usual morning routine. I fixed Tibs' and myself our breakfast of eggs, pan de sal, hot coffee, oatmeal and chocolate milk for me.

After Tibs left for work, I went back to sleep. Maia did show some sign of activity as I felt a couple of slight movements in my navel area before sleep completely took over me .

At 630, I woke up to take a bath and prepare for work. My belly felt heavier than before and I notice it has gotten rounder that the last few days. Wow, my baby's really growing fast.

When I got to the office, the worrisome me is back. Since I started feeling the strong movements (for about 2 weeks now) I always made it a point to count them. In one website, I read it has be at least 10 kicks in 4 hours. I lost count this morning but I felt really sure it still has not reach 10 and the 4th hour is closing in soon. I sent Tibs a message telling him Maia's been pretty quiet for the past hour. He assured me she's just resting and that she's going to move soon. However, that did not comfort me. So what I did was to press my tummy a bit. Haha. Then I felt her. It felt really weird. Suddenly, I have this vision of Maia frowning inside my tummy saying - "mommy! makulit ka! eto sa yo. Ump!". I found that really hilarious. Now I go back to work. Today is after all a busy day.

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