Friday, November 14, 2008

First Month on Mommyville

Our baby's turning a month old in 2 days. I am desperately trying to win a trophy from Supermom awards but I guess I will have to have years of experience before that dream becomes a reality. But despite the frustrations and the moments of desperation, there are fascinating discoveries that I will never trade for any prized trophy.

Here goes -

  • She can be really quiet on certain days and would become colicky on some. But on days when she has colic attacks, she loves it when Mommy rubs/massages her tiny tummy. I can tell it really soothes her because she would easily fall asleep after.
  • She loves it when Mommy puts her arm over her tiny body when sleeping. It's probably comforting and makes her feel secure.
  • She loves it when Daddy plops her down on his soft pillows and rocks her to sleep. Smile is a priceless reward he gets after this moment.
  • She enjoys sponge baths before her naps.
  • Playtime with her is around 8am to 10am and 8pm to 10pm.
  • She enjoys the feel of Mr. Suns rays on her face every morning.
  • Even if mommy is always out of tune, she loves hearing Mommy sing to her. It her little signal for bedtime.

Time flies really fast. I can't believe it's been a month. Sometimes, I still can't believe I can finally hold her. The sight of her really takes my breath away. Now I can finally say, motherhood indeed is an out of the world experience.

I love you Maia!

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