Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nail clipping disaster

Mommy was finally able to hear mass with Daddy today. She went grocery shopping after that because Maia's milk supply is going on nil. Since she was gone for almost half a day, she was really excited to play with Maia when she got home.

Remembering that the tiny nails she cut off yesterday from Maia's left fingers were still a bit sharp, she immediately took the baby nail clippers and went to cut off the sharp ones so Maia fingers can finally enjoy freedom. Too bad for her, she was too excited to do the trimming and forgot that the ones on her left thumb were already trimmed properly. When she pressed the nail clipper, Maia squealed in pain. Mommy panicked for a bit when she saw a little blood on her skin and realized that she clipped skin instead of nails. She dropped the clippers immediately and went on to soothe Maia. Guilt however won over already since her tears already flowed out before she can stop them. Mommy felt really bad for hurting Maia. Good thing, Maia did not cry for long. She stopped after crying for seconds. That was a bit relieving. But still, Mommy got really scared and won't clip Maia's nails anymore. Not till her fingers had grown big and stubby.

Just wanted to tell you how sorry I am baby. Mommy will be more careful next time. I love you.

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