Sunday, December 21, 2008

Struggling to stay awake and sucking at it

Three days before Christmas and I am working my ass off at 530 in the morning. Due to the long break this holiday season, we are doing closing activities before Christmas and thus the early work hours so we could catch our counterparts in the US to resolve issues immediately.


Since I gave birth to Maia, my previous 8-hour snooze time was broken into 2-hour naps. But being your child’s slave will never equate to being somebody else’s slave. Now, I am struggling very hard to keep myself awake. I really feel like giving in to the Sandman's call right now. So to thwart temptation I resorted to composing this short blog (hahaha…)

Coffee used to be my rousing tonic. But since I am still breastfeeding, I can only take minimal doses of caffeine.



That leaves me with one alternative wake up remedy -- slapping myself.  It's not even an interesting choice.


I wish I’d win the lottery today so I can devote the whole day exclusively for Maia. But then, I never tried joining the lottery so I guess this one will remain a wish until I decide to do something with it. (another hahahhaa…)


Whew. My only motivation right now is the thought that by 3pm I’ll be playing with my little girl again. Which brings me back to –


-- the reality that I should be cleaning up my mailbox by now and doing what I am paid to do for the next 8 hours.

1 comment:

mae punsalan said...

haaayy sis! ako naman me work pa ng 24! gusto pa nga akong e forced OT eh! talagang umayaw lang ako. Sabi ko maawa naman sila sa kin. Buti nalang mabait ung mga kateam ko and sila na magshoshoulder sa OT hours na dapat sa kin. Pakainin ko nalang daw sila. hehee...

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