Sunday, December 14, 2008

Three Girls and Two Babies - Finally reunited!

For most Luzon 'immigrants' like me, Christmases and long weekends always translate to plane ticket expenses because these are the only occasions when we get to spend time with our families.

An officemate once asked me - "Am I still able to save up even if expenses like this eat up most of my bonuses?", well the answer is a definite NO. For 8 years now, while others get to spend their bonuses for shopping I have been splurging them on plane tickets and gifts (read: Pasalubong) for my family and close friends back home. But that's alright with me. I'd trade shopping for quality time with my family anytime.

Since T and I became a couple, the plane trips have become more exciting because I get to share a plane seat with somebody I chose to share it with. Not somebody randomly chosen by the airline's check in officer. During the four years that we've together, we enjoyed this routine - Christmas or New Year at our place. T has always welcomed the idea of having to breathe fresher air, eating fresh seafood, my Mom's cooking (well, he used to abhor it since it's never like the Kapampangan cuisine he's always been used to...but now he's learned to love it), and just having one lazy week all to ourselves.

But since we now have a baby, plane ticket expenses now equate to vaccination bills and baby supplies. We can't afford trips to Antique anymore. It's a sad reality that I have to face. I have no choice but to give up this annual routine that I have been enjoying for the past 8 years. It was depressing for a while but I eventually accepted the fact that I now have a family here in Cavite. And that this is what I call home now.

But I guess, emotions defy distance. Plus the fact that I've always been close to my family (especially to my Mom and my sisters), they sensed that spending a lonely Christmas here in Cavite is not really my idea of a cheerful holiday. So guess what?! -- the girls in my family decided to come over instead. They even brought along my cute and really adorable nephew - Gogol! This weekend became a mini-reunion of sorts for us. We just enjoyed 2 days of movie marathons, Mommy's buco salad and watching Gogol play big brother to Maia. It may have been crampy (how do you fit 6 adults and 2 babies in a 33 sq m house????), but we managed (and are still managing) somehow. Having my sisters and my mom over for the holidays is the best Christmas gift for me and Maia. I hope this becomes a tradition (**wink**wink) -- next year with Daddy and my bro joining us hopefully??? Hmmm...maybe I should put that down on my 2009 wish list already.

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tin salazar said...

wow reunion gid. hehe. oy i will text you when i get to carmona. basi kalagaw ko da sa inyo. hehe.

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